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Hello everybody and welcome here. This blog will be dedicated to the few toys projects I will do during my free time. You can expect some toys rehab, some design adaptation and some brand new design.

If you are here you probably know my taste for Jumbo Machinder, so most of my projects are related to those big guys. Hope you will enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ball launcher

Today, a little post with a side project.

Well actually it's related to the things I'm busy right now but it's not a full character.
I was able to get a Taihou Buffalo for a decent price, unfortunately he didn't had his launchers. Since I've been able to build a working launcher for Garada, doing them for the Buffalo was kind of easy. It's just that I had to adjust the shape for Garada since mine was not in vinyl and then not flexible to put a launcher accurate to the original shape. I've redo the whole pieces but it will work with the same principle but this time it's really accurate.
And knowing that I was able to do that, pushed me to get that Buffalo. I've miss it a few time on auctions and each time it was for complete speciment who ended up after a bloody fight at high prices. So ending with that one for that price, is super cool, and soon he will have all his original fire power....

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