Welcome at FreeTime Toys

Hello everybody and welcome here. This blog will be dedicated to the few toys projects I will do during my free time. You can expect some toys rehab, some design adaptation and some brand new design.

If you are here you probably know my taste for Jumbo Machinder, so most of my projects are related to those big guys. Hope you will enjoy it.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Gold is a HUGE pain

I was maybe happy too early with the second version of gold. When I've check it in the morning with day light, it was more like a bronze color. I've clearly add  too much red to the gold and the result was not that great.

After a day at work, thinking of it and how not accurate that was, I decided to go for a third attempt on the gold. But this time with more testing before going with the airbrush.

After a few attempt I've manage to get something more close to the original, more yellow gold. So I've decide to go for it. The result is kind of ok, but I've probably add to much colors to the gold to get something more close and it has remove a bit of the metalic look of the gold paint. So it's more like a metalic mustard color now, but it looks good enough.

Now, I need to finalize that launcher but that will be for after my holidays. Now it's time for a cool break and some rest.

So here's a few pictures of the paint. The first one is with the bronze look.

And that one is with the last gold attempt, the pict is a bit too saturated but it's more or less like this now.

It's way more accurate when I compare it with the image reference I have of it, and the mix of colors is more balanced.

And here's another pict with other light conditions. I really need to do more pictures of it but that will have to wait a bit.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gold is a pain

Painting is done, but it was not that easy. Well, yes it was, but the gold was really different once painted. It looked nice inside the bottle and the color reference was nice also, but when it was painted it was more "champagne gold" that usual gold. And of course since I'm doing the paint in the basement with not a good light condition, it was only visible in day light. Everything looks warmer down there.

So I've add a bit of red and a tiny bit of yellow to kill that champagne look and I've redo the whole gold paint. And the result is reallu how it should have been in the first place.

I just have to put the semi gloss varnish on all the pieces and it will be done. And of course a bit of work on the launcher mechanism.

So here's a quick pict with poor lights but just to have a sneak peak of the head paint.

The red and the blue are super flat for the moment, but after the varnish it will have the perfect look. Hope that it doesn't rain tomorrow morning so I can do this before going to work.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Quick update

YEEESSS the sanding is done.

Well, this time it was easier as there's a lot of area that doesn't really require sanding as the idea is to keep the grain.
I had some time this morning to put the primer coat and it actually looks pretty cool. It's the first time I use a primer on my big replicas because it's so sanded that the surface is more than ready for paint. Since it's not the case, I wanted to be sure and put a primer on it.

It's fun to see it like that as my modeling previews are also in gray, so it's probably the closest he will look to that.

Now it's time to play with the airbrush and see how it goes. I'm a bit in a rush as I want to have it finish by the end of the week so, every little hour here and there is nice.

Here's some picts with the primer.

I wanted to share those as it's easier to see the volume of the sculpt as now it's of course less translucent. The 3D print quality is really amazing.

And here's a little extra. I've work on the stickers for the eyes and I've make a quick version to print with lots of eyes with little variations so that after it's printed, I can choose which one looks the best. This image iteself is pretty nice, some kind of mix between Verner Panton and Vasarely.