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Hello everybody and welcome here. This blog will be dedicated to the few toys projects I will do during my free time. You can expect some toys rehab, some design adaptation and some brand new design.

If you are here you probably know my taste for Jumbo Machinder, so most of my projects are related to those big guys. Hope you will enjoy it.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Green Ghost C3 ready for battle

Ok ok, so here's a more serious post with the Green Ghost finished. The paint is exactly like I was imaging it. It's honnestly really hard to find the right colors for that guy. I've collect a huge amount of pictures from the original toy and every single specimen is different. Some look blue, some look green, some super green, but strangely the yellow looks consistant almost all the time.

So it's a bit a mix between all those and I've try to find the right balance. The guy who painted it did an amazing job as he was also able to get the subtle light metalic layer on the arms and legs. It seems that on the original, the arms and legs were cast in blue, then sprayed on the hand, feet and articulations with some darker blue, and there was a super soft metalic grey sprayed on them. It's something I didn't manage to do on my Rokuron as I've paint it myself and with spray can, so hard to do that kind of effect. But here the effect looks great.

The gold looks a bit too soft but it's more orange in real. One big change also compare to the Garada, is the varnish used now. For Garada it was supposed to be a semi gloss varnish but it ended up beeing really gloss, so there's a lot of high reflections in it.
I've decide to try another varnish as I've test some stuff for the leg of the Jaguar and it was a good choice. Last one needed also 48 hours to fully cure, and this one only an hour and the result is what I was looking for.

He is now ready to join the whole team and I'm ready to take some rest now as I've been working on both my work and my hobby like a mad man. But before that I will have to build him a little box. 

Edit of 27/10/2012:

I found some picts I did in day light and was thinking that it can be interesting to share as they picture the Green Ghost how it actually looks, and not like on those pictures done with poor light conditions and touch up to raise the levels.
So here they are.

Much much better colors, and I'm crazy about that orange and blue look, just perfect.

Food and toys

Lately I've try to find some Japanese site with robot toys, and I came accross a huge amount of blog from Japanese people with an amazing number of blog post with picture of food, and then sometimes pictures of great robot toys on the same blog. I have strickly no idea why there's so much blog with picture of food and robot and if there's any link between both. Maybe robot toy collectors are crazy with food.

So today, I've decide to follow the flow and post this:

If any Japanese guy end up here and will not understand a word, like me when I go on those blogs, well, at least they might find it normal to have some food picture also here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Golden Boots & Rivets

Double news for today:

First, the leg for the Jaguar is finish, and I can't feel the end of my finger as I've sand too much yesterday evening to finish that thing. I have to say that I've been super slow to start this projects but once I've start it, it was really fun to do.
So, the colors are matching more or less, but it really looks brand new compare to the other leg and the rest of the body.

I was afraid of that, the new feeling compare to the old one, and I was tempted to go for a full repaint of the whole Jaguar. Give him a fresh new look. But after staring at him for an hour this morning, I've decide to keep it like this and avoid falling into the dark side. I'm already super happy that now he can stand normally and I can enjoy him as he should be.

The second news, is that the rivets for the Green Ghost are done. I've never really realise that this little guy had so much rivets, of course you can see that he's got some, but once you have to drill them one by one, it just seems super long. Arms and legs are easy and I knew with the Garada how long it will take, but his little skirt, the body and the head are full of rivets. I still have to fine tune the sanding here and there to be super clean and it will be ready for paint.

That's a bit it for the latest news, normally  the next one will be the finished Green Ghost and after that, back to some virtual work before giving life to something else.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leg Transplant

I was really excited today as I've pick up the 3D print of the Jaguar leg. Excited and anxious that it will fit and have the good size and that the Hasami Jaguar will stand up.
And it was a real pleasure to see that everything was fitting perfectly, and also really strange to see my toy standing up without having something to hold him.

Here's a wide shot to show how it looks, it was a bit a challenge as on the original leg, there's some kind of angle between the whole leg orientation and the connection part. When you look at the body, it's cut straight in the axis but the leg os looking on the exterior. I was afraid that the angle was off and that it was not symetrical, but as you can see it just fit perfectly and looks symetrical.

And here's some closer shots for details. It's more or less good at the connection for the golden part of the leg, seems it match the original. What I'm really happy is that I've see lots of originals not able to stand straight or looking a bit weird, but it's not the case at all with this replacement leg.

Now, it's time for the usual sanding process and there's going to be a lot of work on that one. I have to say that the print quality is not as good as usual, some layer lines are really visible but on weird places, maybe there's some shapes that the lasers don't like. So I guess that a bit of putty will do the trick, and it's my mission for tonight so tomorrow will be the painting.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, we have the technology. We have the capability to make the first bionic toy. Hasami Jaguar will be that toy.

After my video delirium about doing this, I've been in the rush on so many things, but now was the good time to finaly do that missing leg.

So here's the images of the modeling. As usual, I try to be accurate but I'm not sure if it's perfect. From what I've mesure, it should fit. I'm a bit afraid of the painting and beeing able to match the color, but in any case I think it will be far better than the spray can I use to for the moment to make him stand right.

Regarding the other projects, well, things are moving quite fast here, the Green Ghost is already sanded and the rivets will be done this week, and normally the paint is schedule before the end of this month. So, if all this goes as plan the GG will be done, same for the Jaguar's leg and also the Buffalo launchers.

After that, some hollidays to rest and bit and enjoy life, but stay tune for this end of month full of projects.