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Hello everybody and welcome here. This blog will be dedicated to the few toys projects I will do during my free time. You can expect some toys rehab, some design adaptation and some brand new design.

If you are here you probably know my taste for Jumbo Machinder, so most of my projects are related to those big guys. Hope you will enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garada is smoooooth

Yes, finally, after lots of evenings of sanding, all pieces are clean now. The boring part is behind me and it feels sooooooooo good.
Still two evenings to find to drill all the little rivets, a good washing and it will be ready for painting.

I've take some pictures but it's hard to see the difference, well the print layers are gone now, everything is super smooth, almost like a baby skin. You can see that the surface is a bit less glossy now, that's mainly because of the sanding. You can see also some residue of the dust from the sanding, but all this will be gone after a good wash.

I haven't sand the sickles yet as I'm not sure I want that, it's the only part that doesn't require painting, and sanding it will remove the little reflection that makes it look like plastic. So for the moment I keep it like it is, the prints layers are not visible on that piece, there some structure in it, but it's not disturbing.

So, here's a few picts of the work in progress, even if it's not super obvious, but it's always good to look at this guy :)))

Curious to see if the little rivets will be visible on the picts, I guess it will be the next posting.

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