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Hello everybody and welcome here. This blog will be dedicated to the few toys projects I will do during my free time. You can expect some toys rehab, some design adaptation and some brand new design.

If you are here you probably know my taste for Jumbo Machinder, so most of my projects are related to those big guys. Hope you will enjoy it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Double Spazer Machinderized

Here's a little update of this project. I had interesting feedback from some friends like it was not enough "Machinder" style. It's true that I've had the little SOC double spazer next to me to check for the modeling, so maybe it was a little bit too close to the SOC at the end.

So I've change a bit the texture to make it look more like the Spazer little brother. It's maybe even not enough but it gives a better feeling I think.

Here it is:


  1. Whoa. This is totally amazing. I won the grendizer in the robotjapan lottery, and this would be perfect for him!