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Hello everybody and welcome here. This blog will be dedicated to the few toys projects I will do during my free time. You can expect some toys rehab, some design adaptation and some brand new design.

If you are here you probably know my taste for Jumbo Machinder, so most of my projects are related to those big guys. Hope you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Q9 Familly

Why did I show you my first project with the Rokuron Q9?. Well simply because I was working on a smaller version of it. If you don't have room to collect Jumbo Machinder, you can collect this smaller version or even the tiny version. The tiny one was really just for fun but it turned out also great.
The idea behind this is to try to reduce the cost and be able to produce print a few stuff. 3D print is still expensive and printing a full sized Machinder is hard for the wallet. And it's also pretty funny to see a Q9 that size :))
Here's a bad pict of them, more to come once they will be painted.


  1. heyMike, I LOVE the stuff you have done...seriously freaked me out! can I get a smaller Q9?

  2. Hello Steve. Thanks a lot for your comment. Those are not for sale yet. This is only the prototype and they might be part of something bigger but nothing is sure yet. I'm working on it but I'm quite busy at work for the moment. Update in the weeks to come for sure.

  3. ok sounds good...update when you can

  4. Mike, How have you been ? I was hoping ....did you ever make a larger villain head?

  5. Hello Steve, well I'm just back from holidays and it was just perfect, so I'm more than ok.

    Not sure what you mean, but yes I've done a larger vilain head, actually I did 3 of them for the full size replica of the Rokuron Q9.
    There's a post here about it: http://freetimetoys.blogspot.com/2011/03/rokuron-first-project.html
    When you compare with the originals, it's not 100% accurate. For that project I didn't do the modeling myself and when I was looking at the 3D model I was thinking that it was looking nice like that, so I've keep it this way.