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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Full size Garada K7

Hello everybody.

 Well, this is the first post of 2012 and for this first one it's time for big news.
Enough with 3D render images, time for real stuff here.

I've been busy like hell at my "official" job but I was able to continue working on this and finally launch the 3D print of a full size Garada.
I guess that it's not a mystery for anyone reading this that I'm kind of obsessed with this guy, and even if I'm a proud owner of a replica of the original I needed to make my own replica.
Basically after the print of the small version during this summer, I've work a fine tuning the model to be more accurate to the original, since it's printed in full size, there was a lot of work for redoing all the wall thickness on each part. I wanted it to be more articulated and have the launcher able to work but that's something you already know if you've follow this blog. I know I've probably mess a few stuff compare to an original, like the size of the launcher is probably too big and there's maybe other stuff weird like I'm symmetrical on hands and the original not but the overall look is there I think.

The production of this full size print was really interesting and I've learn some great stuff about how to optimize my prints for this specific printing process. But that's technical stuff and I'm not going to loose your time with this.

What you have to know is that I've work with Materialise, the same company who printed my Rokuron Q9 and the Daltanious head and once again they've done an amazing job. They offer an amazing service and you really see that they know what they're doing. So a big thanks to them.

I've just pick up my print this morning and here's the first image, completely raw before the long post process steps, sanding, drilling the rivets, mechanical parts for the launcher and finally painting. But the good news is that all parts are connecting perfectly and everything seems to be like it was in my head. The arms are raising, the launcher connect perfectly. When I've receive my package this morning at Materialise Headquarters I couldn't resist to open the box and put all the pieces together. I was really impressive to see it printed so big, incredible feeling.

Here's a few pict to see a bit this fantastic character. There's a few alone and then there's a side by side with a real Doublas to get an idea and then finally there's a side by side with the replica I own to check for size and all that.

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be busy for weeks to finalize this guy but stay tune for the evolution of this project and for the next stuff to come.
This blog start to look more and more like a huge dedication to Garada and this need to change a bit :))

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