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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Garada K7 Full size V2.0

Today I've receive the second full size print of my Garada model.

The idea from the beginning was to do two prints. First I wanted to print them at the same time to try to optimize the costs. But then I realize that it might be a bit risky since if there's something wrong with one piece I will have to reprint in double. And of course it did happen but luckily with the two pieces quite cheap, the pin in the back of the head to lock the sickles and the front part of the launcher.
And I'm even more happy that I've done that in two steps, since I was able to revise a bit the model for the arms. When I've put together the first print, the arms looked a bit too straight and the hand also and on the original Garada, the hands seem to be a bit more turned to the inside.

So here it is, the second version, a bit more accurate. Pretty cool to put them side by side on my table, but now the real hard work will begin, sanding, sanding and sanding for days....weeks....
But I have to say that this print looks more smooth than the Rokuron I did in the past, they're probably enhance the resolution of the print since then.

Here's the picts, as you can see the arms on the right one are a bit more bended and the hands more to the inside, it's subtle but makes a lot of difference to the global stance.
But I know it's a huge luxury to be able to do that since normally I only do one single print.

 And on this last picture you can see that the arms are articulated, it was missing on the Rokuron, I had to glue the whole toy, now on this one, I only have to glue the legs to the pelvis and the body too, the arms can rotate and the sickles is removable so that he will fit perfectly in his box. Because yes, I'd like to make him a box too, there's no reason why the little one can have a box and not the big brother.

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